Crafting Exceptional Experiences.

Darling Group is a leading Melbourne-based hospitality company that develops, owns and operates many of Australia’s most recognised and acclaimed hospitality venues including Top Paddock, Higher Ground, Darling Cafe, The Kettle Black, Dundas & Faussett, Bambu Asian Eating House, Stringers & The Terrace. Our forward thinking philosophy creates world-class hospitality brands, all with a focus on service, design, innovation and experience.

We lead the way.

At Darling Group, we cultivate a whole new sense of hospitality. We offer the very best in terms of experience, product and service to our guests. We create and operate a diverse portfolio of restaurants that are best-in-class, relevant and industry-leading through their dynamic design, innovative fare, and our commitment to a superior guest and partner experience. We are obsessed with our craft and we consistently take it to the next level.

We strive for excellence.

We are dedicated to exceptional food, service and hospitality. We value excellence in everything we do and our meticulous attention to detail allows us to set the bar just a little higher every day. A shared passion for excellence is what drives our success.

We are passionate about our
people and culture.

Hospitality is our craft. Outstanding people make it all happen and we are committed to creating an energised, rewarding and exciting work environment. We firmly believe in connecting with, and exceeding the expectations of our guests, our team, and our partners. Darling Group’s greatest asset is our people and by creating genuine value in all our relationships, we produce outstanding and dynamic results.

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